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They have perverted the Quran, which is a smear on the religion of billions across the globe.Islamic texts do not promote rape and do not encourage slavery.There’s no desire among ordinary Muslims to drag humanity backwards into slavery, especially when there was a clear agenda in key Islamic texts to eventually eradicate it.Human trafficking and modern sex slavery is, after all, not just a ‘Muslim’ issue, it’s even happening right under our noses in the UK by all sorts of perpetrators.

Islamophobic extremists as well as Islamist extremists (like Isis) who promote and validate sexual violence through unspecific passages in the Quran - or without context - do so to justify their own violent mindsets.

Therefore let’s promote those devout Muslims like Zainab Bangura who work hard to empower victims of Isis’ sexual violence and slavery, as well as those women seeking justice for having been forced into sex slavery elsewhere in the world.

The majority of sane, law-abiding Muslims do not seek to impose themselves on others by force or aggression.

The main reference cited is Chapter 23:1-6 in the Quran.

It reads: Concubinage and interpersonal relations with various bondmaids/slaves was already occurring at the time the Quran came about and subsequent passages list restrictions as a starting point to help to bring about the end of slavery.

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