How old is earth based on radiometric dating Mn sext chat

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Another line of evidence is based on the present-day abundances of the various isotopes of lead found in the Earth's crust. Three of these isotopes (lead 206, 207, 208) result from radioactive decay of isotopes of thorium and uranium.The fourth, lead 204, is not the result of radioactive decay.One way to think about the closed system of the crystal is to compare it to an hourglass.The grains of sand in the top half of the hourglass are the radioactive parents, and those falling to the bottom are the stable daughters.Note that at time 0, the time of the mineral's formation, the crystal contains only parent atoms.At time 1, 50% of the parent atoms remain; at time 2, only 25% remain, and so on.

Many elements have naturally occurring isotopes, varieties of the element that have different numbers of neutrons in the nucleus.The oldest rocks and soils from the moon are about the same age--4.6 billion years old.Scientists assume that meteorites and moon rocks were not subjected to the extensive alteration that Earth rocks have undergone.At any moment, the ratio between them is a measure of the time elapsed, as long as the system remains closed.But if the hourglass were to break (become an open system), sand leaks out and the hourglass is no longer a reliable tool for telling time.

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