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The frame below illustrates the end diastolic frame outlined in frame 1, the end systolic frame in frame 15, with a small region if interest beneath the LV for background subtraction.The MANUAL ALL FRAMES processing method is an option provided by the software, but I do not recommend its use, as it is both labor and time intensive.Fully automatic and semiautomatic computer programs are available for edge detection.These programs work very well when there is a good target-to-background ratio.

The data from all the cardiac cycles collected are added together to form a representative cardiac cycle.

A patient’s LVEF and other quantitative information are obtained from the best separation left anterior oblique view.

Quantitation begins with a determination of the net counts in the region of the ventricle for each frame in the study.

With AUTOMATIC EDGE DETECTION, the first step draws a box around the LV in the first frame of the acquisition, then from the center of the ventricle, numerous radii are sent outward in all directions to search for the edge using the thresholding and second derivative methods.

Using the MANUAL ED/ES processing method, the technologist manually draws a region around the ED frame, the ES frame, and creates a background region of interest.

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